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The shortest route to connect Toba and Irago
For each season, after your long day drive or playful day, you can enjoy our beautiful Ise-bay drive.
Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376


Announcement of Toba Ferry Terminal "restaurant, cafe corner" temporary closure
I do the second floor of the Toba Ferry Terminal "restaurant ferry and cafe sound of the sea breaking on the shore" from the viewpoint of reduction of working hours request, closure request by the emergency declaration delivered in Mie, prevention of new coronavirus infection spread for temporary closure during the following period.

A period: Until September 30, 2021

Delivery to home lunch delivery, the sale of the takeout lunch, the stand corner will be open.

I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but pray for yoroshikuo where moderate what of the understanding is a graduate.

Ferry service㈱

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