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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376

"Lunch & pearl accessories classroom"

A work name: In "looking askance at in women divers" Hiroaki Uesugi (Nabari-shi)

[on foot From Irago-limited plan] Lunch & pearl accessories classroom which goes in Isewan Ferry

A work name: "Parting luxurious passenger liner" Hiroshi Ito bare; come (Toyohashi-shi)
A work name: For "refreshing coolness" Nobuhiro Kato (Konan-shi)
The Isewan Ferry passenger round-trip embarkation ticket and accessories classroom using the real pearl release the plan with the special lunch for a limited time. (it completely needs reservations)
The accessories classroom which lets you hold it in Tsujimoto pearl of the Toba Ferry Terminal. I make it with a choice of a necklace, either favorite bracelet using a real pearl. Do you not make wonderful original accessories only for oneself?
After accessories lesson, please enjoy a special lunch at a restaurant with an ocean view.
A release period: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday of from July, 2020 to October
A release price: Adult (more than a junior high student) 6,000 yen
The offer staff: One set (to up to five people) a day (completely need reservations)
・Accessories classroom using the real pearl
・I make one point of either necklace bracelet
・Special lunch (with coffee dessert)
・Isewan Ferry passenger coming and going embarkation ticket (effective for two days)
・Isewan Ferry special room one way for free
A trip:
Irago Port (at 10:40/10:50) - Toba Port (arrival at 11:35/11:45)
Pearl accessories classroom (11:50 - about one hour) - lunch (13:00 ...) ... free
※After a lunch, please enjoy sightseeing of Shima, Ise.
(there is no time designation in the ferry of the return journey and OK's it even the next day)
A reservation, the inquiry
[time in: 9:00-16:00]
Irago boarding point TEL0531-35-6217
Toba boarding point TEL0599-25-2880
About a cancellation fee
※It does not cost the cancellation fee until 16:00 of the day before on the use day.
※It is 50% of release amounts of money until the embarkation on the use day after 16:00 of the day before on that day
※It is 100% of release amounts of money after the embarkation time of use daily allowance day
1.Of the reservation when there is not it, is not available. (it completely needs reservations)
2.This plan becomes limited to visitors on foot.
3.Accessories classroom and the lunch become the use only for the day of the release.
4.On the expiration date of the embarkation ticket, I include it on a sale date and am effective for two days.
5.A meal menu may change by a season.
A work name: "Arrival in the Irago Port" Junko Kamiya (Nagoya-shi)
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