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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376

Boarding from Irago port

The Irako Office and ticket office, geisha restaurant place moved to the following places.

Miyashita 3000-65, Irago-cho, Tahara-city, Aichi
441 – 3624 TEL (0531) 35-6217

Irago port

◎ Access to Irago boarding point

On foot
· Get off at Toyohashi Railway Mikawa Tahara station (about 30 km from the boarding point) Approximately 50 minutes by Toyotetsu bus.
By car
· About 110minutes from Tomei Express Hamamatsu IC (about 81 km from the boarding point)
· About 100minutes from Toyokawa Express Toyokawa IC (about 57 km from the boarding point)

Boarding procedure

1. Vehicle reception

Passenger car customers must pass through this gate and park in the parking lot.
2. Parking place

Passenger cars should park in order from lane 1.
*For a Bus or Truck, please park in lane 0 next to lane 1 without passing through the gate.
3. Ticketing window

Tickets will be purchased at the ticket office next to the boarding entrance of the Irago Sales Office or at the Irago Crystal Porto station.
* Car verification is required. Also, we will ask the number of passengers.
Payment of credit card, purchase of Set ticket and group ticket are handled only at the Irago Sales Office.
③Ticketing window

The customer purchasing a boarding ticket, please purchase a boarding ticket at a ticketing window of the Isewan Ferry Irako Office of the boarding mouth left side.
※The registration document is necessary. In addition, I ask the number of fellow passengers.
4. Boarding ticket gate

Our staff will show you the parking place.
* Please return to your car 20 minutes before departure.
5. Boarding point

Our staff will show you the parking place.
* After parking, please stop the engine and apply the side brake.
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