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Guidance of the Irako Port rent-a-car

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I have begun to handle a rent-a-car!

In the Irago boarding point, I start the handling of the rent-a-car on April 1, 2021 as an agency of the Atsumi rent-a-car!
As it becomes the very attractive pricing which is available by a unit at time, please use the sightseeing of Atsumi Peninsula by all means.

The handling car model: Two light cars
Rental place :Isewan Ferry Irago boarding point
Rental time :9:00-17:00
Rental rate :One hour 1,100 yen (it includes an immunity from responsibility guarantee, gasoline cost)             

A payment method: Cash, credit card, pro-traffic electronic money/iD/QUICPay /PayPay
Rental condition
1.I cannot appoint the car model
2.It is limited to the use in the rental time.

About a cancellation fee
About the cancellation at the convenience of the customer, please note that you have you bear a cancellation fee as follows

Departure date 11-8 days ago
Departure date 7-1 days ago
The departure date day
Cancellation fee
20% of basics charges
30% of basics charges
50% of basics charges

Reservation, inquiry

Irago boarding point telephone 0531-35-6217

Time in: 9:00-16:00

About the insurance of the rent-a-car

Insurance contents
Interpersonal one person
Anti-thing 1 accident
Vehicle 1 accident
Because of one personal injury
Unlimited (I include compulsory automobile liability insurance)
Unlimited (amount of immunity from responsibility 50,000 yen)
Unlimited (amount of immunity from responsibility 50,000 yen)
30 million yen
Because of the injury (I include the death, physical impediment) by the automobile accident of the passenger, I will compensate it for a toll regardless of the fault ratio of driver.
(an insurance company carries out the toll authorization based on an insurance article 30 million yen per one limit)

About NOC (non-operation charge)

When it was encountered an accident, theft, please bear an amount of money following as a part of the business compensation during our rent-a-car repair period about the case that there are few faults to a customer.

Light car, car, van, SUVWagon premiumMicrobus

When it runs by itself by a rent-a-car and is returned to the planned office (including the smell of the cigarette, pet in the car)
20,000 yen
30,000 yen
50,000 yen
When is not returned to the planned office without being able to run by itself by a rent-a-car; in the case of theft
50,000 yen
80,000 yen
150,000 yen
When it was encountered a hit and run, please submit the report to the police station, the report of the official in charge name, accident certificate application paper (transfer paper) to our store. In this case and I do not have NOC about the glass damage by off-and-on holidays.

If it is encountered an accident, theft, I would like "contact" "a report" by all means
If it is encountered an accident, theft, please contact the report to the police and Atsumi rent-a-car. When the report to the police is not had an accident, the theft contact to us of without sufficient reason again, insurance may not be usable. In the case of theft, please bear an amount of money of the NOC mentioned above.
The customer wanting the car model except the car model-designated light car is granted making a reservation by Atsumi rent-a-car.

Atsumi rent-a-car (time in 9:00-18:00) 
Telephone 0531-27-7111

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